1. Our Masks Tell the Truth

I didn’t want to wear a mask. The whole thing felt foolish, dramatic, maybe unnecessary, and a tad unmanly. And if it wasn’t an n95, did it really protect me?

Yet I’ve come to love wearing the DIY version a kind neighbor made for my wife and myself. And I love seeing so many other people in public spaces wearing a mask as well.

For me, these masks have become a sign of solidarity and shared vulnerability. In our local supermarket, the profusion of masks among us telegraphs that we are all in this…

Hannibal of Carthage is considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. He’s mostly known for his daring invasion of Italy — crossing the snow-covered Alps with an army of 40,000 men and all those African elephants — a risky effort that almost brought mighty Rome to its knees.

He also was a companion of my adolescent year, a person I idealized because of his real-life courage, audacity, and military brilliance.

Let’s do the roll call of Hannibal’s military genius. At age 25, he carried out a seemingly impossible invasion plan, then defeated several well-trained and experienced Roman armies…

What Elizabeth Warren Accomplished With Her Candidacy

Elizabeth Warren’s primary campaign affected me like no other I have been a part of, and I am still sorting out its impact. I think her candidacy was extraordinary.

I began working as a volunteer in NH for Warren last July. Most of my time was spent organizing a grassroots letters- to- the- editor group and helping with some local events, plus I did writing on my own about her campaign. In the course of all this, I had several chance conversations with Warren and a number of opportunities to watch her campaign.

Elizabeth Warren is demonstrating her ability to appeal to a broad coalition of voters as we move deeper into the primary season. Three endorsements from different points on the political spectrum are worth noting.

Recently, the Black to the Future Action Fund, a think tank and political organizing group formed by Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza, endorsed Warren. This is the first time they’ve endorsed a presidential candidate; previously they have endorsed state level candidates such as Stacey Abrams. Their endorsement was driven by the perception that Warren evidences a clear “analysis of how power operates in this country”…

Helping Students Learn How To Listen

Take a look at the picture accompanying this article. Lots of hands raised, many students wanting to say something. Is this the sign of a health classroom of learners?

Maybe, maybe not.

Many students are focused on talking more than listening. Often they have the impression that the more they talk, the higher course participation grade they’ll get. This can result in listening to respond, not to understand.

The challenge to real listening in schools

Some of this is cultural, of course: we live in a time that can conspire against really listening to…

So, we’ve been hearing a lot recently about Elizabeth Warren’s “electability” and whether men would “vote for a female candidate.” Those of us who have been volunteering for Warren’s campaign know that there are many men who plan to vote for her and an even larger number of men who would like her to be our next President.

Research backs this up. Studies and polls have consistently shown that men will vote for a female candidate, and often prefer the female over the male. …

What Elizabeth Warren Gets About The Common Good

“…(P)eople don’t even know. If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.” — Chris Rock

“Harder to talk about than sex”

I became aware of the suffering hidden in plain sight in our society, ironically, because of my work consulting at institutions I’ve come to love: wealthy independent schools.

Leafy, sprawling campuses. Classrooms filled with teaching resources. Dining commons to rival upscale restaurants. These schools are amazing places, with incredible resources and very talented teachers and students. …

Sam Osherson

Author, Father (grandfather!), Spouse, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Faculty, Stanley King Institute

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